Sunday, April 16, 2023

Jim Rohn Notes

Jim Rohn is the Godfather of self-development programs. He's helped countless people improve themselves and others, including a young Tony Robbins. 

These are my (sparse) notes from The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library audiobook:

Goal Setting 

1. What 5 things have you already accomplished that you're proud of?

2. What do you want in the next 10 years? List at least 50 things. 

3. Rate each item 1, 3, 5, or 10 for an estimate as to how many years each item will take to achieve. 

4. Count how many of each (1, 3, 5, and 10) you have. 

5. On your list of 1-year goals, which are the 4 most important? 

6. Why are those 4 goals important to you? 

*When the Why gets stronger, the How gets easier.

*Purpose is stronger than object.

*"What kind of person must I become to achieve all I want?"

*When you've accomplished some goals, you need more goals to accomplish. 

*Celebrate a significant / important goal reached.

*Celebrate family goals as a family.

*Goals need to be on going--goals need to replace goals.

Overcoming Procrastination 

1. Break it down. 
        The key to achievement is your ability to breakdown the task into manageable pieces and knock them off one at a time. Real-time positivity. 

2. Write it down.
        Describe what you actually do with your time. Record what you do at least every 30 minutes for a week. 


*Keep strict accounts. 

*Learn how to turn frustration into fascination. 

Don't mistake kindness for acceptance or curiosity for consent. 
        1) Have something good to say.
        2) Say it well.
        3) Read your audience. 
        4) Intensity: Real persuasion comes from putting You into what you say. Learn to measure and regulate emotions. 

Challenge of Leadership

To be something more than average or mediocre. 

Has these components:
  • Strong but not rude
  • Kind but not weak
  • Bold but not a bully
  • Thoughtful but not lazy
  • Dream but not just become a dreamer
  • Think but not just become a thinker
  • Proud but not arrogant
  • Humble but not timid
  • Humor without folly
  • Witty but not silly
Understand law of averages: If you do something often enough, you'll get a ratio of results.
        -Everything is a pyramid.

What's an incredible incentive to 1 is devastation to another. 

Learn to work with the people that deserve it, not with the people that need it.
        -Learn to teach people how to deserve your time and help.  

Don't expect a pear tree to bear apples.
        -You cannot change people, but they can change themselves. 

Keys to a Good Life

1. Productivity

2. Good friends

3. Spirituality: study, practice, teach whatever's valuable to you

4. Don't miss anything (words): if you live well, you will earn well

5. Take care of your inner circle

6. Ask for God's help

The 5 Abilities 

1. Ability to Absorb (words, atmosphere, and nuance) 
        -Learn to get from the day, not just thru it
        -Wherever you are, be there
        -Casualness leads to casualties 

2. Learn to Respond 
        *Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect 

3. Ability to Reflect 
        -End of the day
        -End of the week
        -1/2 day at the end of the month
        -Weekend EOY
        -Make the past more valuable in the future

4. Ability to Act 
        -Time: idea is hot and emotion is strong
        -Set up a discipline 
        -All discipline's affect each other
        -Every let down affect's the rest of your performance 
        -Every new discipline affects the rest
        *Greatest value of discipline = self-worth and self-esteem
        -Neglect starts as an infection and if you don't take care of it, it becomes a disease

*3% of people have a library card.

*Don't rest too long: the weeds take the garden.
        -Make rest a necessity, not an objective. 

5. Ability to Share
        -Ideas -> Books -> [Blog Posts :)]     

General II

Always eat before you go to the banquet. 

4 Ifs that can make life worthwhile:

1. If you can learn.
2. If you try.
3. If you stay / hang in there.
4. If you care.

Why not?
Why not you?
Why not now?

Core Virtues: Activity, Exercise, and Effort 
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